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Our goal is to enhance your child's world by building on their potential to imagine, create and participate in a loving environment.

At Creative Play we are continuously building community by maintaining tradition while embracing the future.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

and how it's impacting our school
Updated: September 2, 2020

The office staff is working from the office Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.  We will be able to return calls and emails with a little patience.

Dear Families,

To update you, we have mailed all the welcome letters to our Toddler and 3 year old registered families with guidance on navigating the new school year and visitation dates.  You will be informed of your child's teacher at visitation when you will pick up a folder with additional information before visiting with your child's teacher.  If you cannot attend your child's visitation scheduled time, please inform the office.

For our 4 year old families, thank you for your patience as we contend with the same unknowns as many of you are facing.  CCRR has said the hope and goal is to send family letters regarding their UPK placements by the end of this week.  We are waiting on that information as well in order to place everyone who is registered with us in the appropriate four year old class.  We have multiple layouts ready to go, so hopefully the turn around from being informed by CCRR and us reaching out to you will be quick!

We have asked that you continue to check e-mails coming from Creative Play regularly as this is how we will be able to inform you of your placement and hopefully visitation schedule.  

We were able to place one class of four year old five day students who have not applied to UPK, your letter will be arriving shortly.

We feel for you in so many ways and want you to know that in all the uncertainties we are making it our priority for the children to feel welcomed and safe in a happy environment!  We are doing our best to provide a smooth transition from home into preschool during the most complex of times.  We as adults have to navigate it, they as children simply have to experience joy!  

We will get through this together.  A little more patience and a little more time ~ another deep breathe

Opening dates for the 2020-2021 school year:​

  •  September 10 – Toddler & 2 day 3 year old student visitation w/ parent information

  • September 11 – 3 day 3 year old & all 4 yr old student visitations w/ parent information

  • September 14 – 3 day 3 year old & all 4 year old students, including UPK classes first day of school

  • September 15 – Toddler & 2 day 3 year old student first day of school

(all 3 year old classes will be shortened by 45 minutes the week of 9/14 – 9/18)

We are in this together, as a program, a caring staff, a supportive Church leadership & congregation as well as our beautiful families all trying our best to support our children in a safe and loving environment ~ Thank you to everyone for your patience, your ability to be flexible, your understanding and passion toward the children of our community and to Creative Play!


Creative Play Story

Good Shepherd Creative Play is a non-profit organization

At Good Shepherd Creative Play, we’re proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children. By following our mission, vision and values, we create a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming learning environment for all children.

Creative Play is a cooperative preschool.  The cooperative aspect of our program allows us to keep the tuition at a competitive rate and allows you to be fully engaged in your child's school experience.

We provide our students with the tools they need for future happiness and success. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interests in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning. 



Information, Fun and Learning is a click away! ~New Links added weekly

Beth and Scott and Friends (Join Beth and Scott form Bierkos productions for some movement and mindfulness)

NYBG at Home for Kids & Families (Bring the New Yokr Botanical Gardens into your home and go on virual tours as well as learn how to grow your own garden)

ABC Mouse (Free trial for 30 days)

Learning Through Play (why play is so important in the life of a child and how they are learning hile having fun!)

Education.com (online pre-cchool games)

Jr. Brainpop (interactive and preschool appropriate)

Noggin (free trial, tested learning app for Nick Jr.)

Busy Toddler (a realistic plan while home for COVID-19)

Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube (yoga and mindfulness with active screen time)

Highlights Kids (Read, play games and conduct experiments)

Fun Brain (Games, Stories and Printables)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williems! (draw, doodle and learn)

GoNoodle (movement and mindfulness videos, check out banana, banana, meatball video!)

Switcheroo Zoo (Watch, Listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals!)

Americas Test Kitchen (Checkout the kids link for cooking, do and discover activities)

Scholastic Learn at Home Free resources with exciting articles and stories, videos and fun learning challenges.

Little Bins for Little Hands (hands on science experiments as well as STEM challenges that use supplies you probably already have!  Check out LEGO animal challenges for kids)

PBS Kids (videos & games with favorite characters, daily activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home)

Pre-K-12 Resources for Emergency 

Pre-K Pages (is a resource site for Pre-K and Preschool teachers offering activities, printable lesson plans, and themes for learning in your classroom.)

Jack Hartmann (edcuation and fun entertainment for pre-schoolers)

Talking is Teaching (When you talk, read, and sing with your child—even before she can use words—you’re building her brain and helping to prepare her for success in school and in life.)


Teacher Videos


“Happiness is seeing the smile on a child's face as they learn"

These videos may put a smile on your face too! ~subscribe today!


Our Programs

As a cooperative school we pride ourselves on being connected to our families, we understand how important and challenging it is for parents to find the right school for their child's needs.  We strive to provide a process that is both supportive and transparent.

Over time, we’ve designed and adapted programs to meet the high standards of today’s world of education. By providing a supportive environment, we make sure each child receives exactly what they need.


Time for Twos / Toddlers

Celebrate Childhood

Introduce two year old children to socialization and the routine of an early childhood setting.  The children will engage in group play; story time; art activities; music; movement and so much more.  The children will be introduced to "circle time".  The teacher, through dialogue, song, finger plays, stories and flannel board presentations will help the children develop multiple skills.  Throughout the class time children will begin to focus on name recognition, identifying colors and shapes, following direction and social interaction with peers. 

The goal of these classes are to offer an environment where children and parents can learn and play together.

3 and 4 year old classes

It's Their Future

Beginning preschool is an exciting milestone of childhood.  Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically. 

It is our goal that your child will develop a love of learning and school as they become increasingly independent.  We understand social interaction is an important component of a preschool.  At Creative Play we give all children the opportunity to learn through play.  

We offer a variety of classes to help your child develop the knowledge, skills and approaches to learning they will need for a successful preschool experience.


UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten)

We Are What We Believe

UPK is a voluntary program for both districts and children.  Parents and/or guardians may choose but are not required to enroll their children in a UPK program.  However, upon enrollment, the school's district's attendance policy must be applied.  In New York State UPK is lottery based.  Names in the lottery will not be chosen until mid to late May since funding for this program is based on the passage of the NYS budget in April.  Child Care Resources of Rockland will notify Creative Play of the names chosen from their lottery.  Creative Play does not have any influence on your application.

Creative Play serves all school districts in Rockland County, N.Y.

Summer Camp

Meet Your Best Friends Today

Join us for some fun indoor and outdoor adventures during the month of July.  Summer camp is a great way to introduce your preschooler to new activities, skills and structure.  We offer an exciting and active program with weekly themes, arts & craft projects, games, music, water play, exploration, stories and more!  A special event occurs on the Friday of each week, wrapping up the week with a themed celebration and giveaways.

You may register for an individual week, multiple weeks or all four weeks depending on availability.  


Program Payments

Make a Tuition or Program Payment Here

You can choose to mail a payment by check or money order to:

Good Shepherd Creative Play

112 N. Main Street

Pearl River, N.Y. 10965

or pay by Paypal/Debit or Credit Card here

If you choose to pay through paypal  you must add a 2.8% fee to your payment ~ Thank You

Please complete information in the "add a note" field: what program you are paying for, your child's full name and the month you wish for your payment to apply.

(we need the above to credit your payment properly)

Note *This is a temporary means of payment while we are working on a better solution, we appreciate your cooperation and patience during these unimaginable times.  The link will read "Donate" but with your note, we will know that this is a payment and not a donation. 

~Thank you in advance for your payment



All applications MUST be submitted in person unless you were directed to send by mail. 

  • Applications will not be accepted by e-mail.  We apologize for any inconvience this may bring you. 

  • Along with the 3 year old and 4 year old application, you must attach the Enrollment Agreement and Allergy Form

  • Along with the Toddler application, you must attach the Allergy Form

Toddler Application

2 years old by December 1st

Enrollment is based on availability at the time of your registration submission.

Please contact the office for more information 845-735-2737

3 Year Old Application

3 years old by December 1st

Enrollment is based on availability at the time of your registration submission.

The application must be submitted with supporting documents and a registration fee.

Please contact the office for more information 845-735-2737

4 Year Old Application

4 years old by December 1st

Enrollment is based on availability at the time of your registration submission.

The application must be submitted with supporting documents and a registration fee.

Please contact the office for more information 845-735-2737

Summer Camp Application

3 years old by December 1st to 6 years old

Enrollement is based on availability at the time of your registration submission.

The application must be submitted no sooner than the date set and must be submitted with supporting documents and the first week's payment in full. 

Please contact the office for more information 845-735-2737

UPK (Creative Play Specific) Application

Meet CCRR requirements first

Enrollment is set by Child Care Resources of Rockland.

If you do not have an existing Application with us, you must submit this application along with supporting documents and a registration fee.

Please contact the office for more information (845) 735-2737


Accepted Student Information

All families registered with Creative Play are expected to read the following content

Allergy Awareness Policy

Key Info

You must read our school policy in regards to Allergy Awareness and act accordingly to help keep all our children safe.

Creative Play Guidelines

Need to Know

These guidelines are established by our Governance Board and need to be read by every member of Creative Play.  All members are expected to act in accordance with our Guidelines.

Creative Play Handbook

Need to Know

Every family is required to read this literature to become familiar with the expectations of a cooperative program and to be informed about the foundation of our program.

UPK Guidelines (Creative Play Specific)

Need to Know

These guidelines are established by our Governance Board and need to be read by every member of Creative Play who received a UPK placement with us.  All members are expected to act in accordance with our Guidelines.

UPK Handbook (Creative Play Specific)

Need to Know

Every family who received a UPK placement with Creative Play is required to read this literature to become familiar with the expectations and foundation of our program.

Family Responsibilities for 3 year old parents/guardians

Need to Know

When you choose Creative Play for your child's preschool, you are choosing to be an active participant in your child's education.

Family Responsibilities for 4 year old parents/guardians

Need to Know

When you choose Creative Play for your child's preschool, you are choosing to be an active participant in your child's education.

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

Parent Resource

Don’t underestimate the value of play. Children learn and develop:

cognitive skills – like math and problem solving in a pretend grocery store
physical abilities – like balancing blocks and running on the playground
new vocabulary – like the words they need to play with toy dinosaurs
social skills – like playing together in a pretend car wash
literacy skills – like creating a menu for a pretend restaurant

NYS School Health Examination Form

Medical Form

NYSED requires a physical exam for new entrants and students in Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11; annually.  We need a completed and most up-to-date medical with immunzation records on file for each student that is registered with us.

Plan Of Action - English Version

Key Info

FARE's Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, formerly the Food Allergy Action Plan, outlines recommended treatment in case of an allergic reaction, is signed by a physician and includes emergency contact information.

Plan Of Action - Spanish Version

Key Info

FARE's Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, formerly the Food Allergy Action Plan, outlines recommended treatment in case of an allergic reaction, is signed by a physician and includes emergency contact information.

Pick-UP Authorization Form

The following adults are authorized to pick up my child.

Use this form if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child from school sporatically or constistancy.  We will keep on file, the names and coordinated information for these individuals.

Parking Lot Diagram

Creative Play Parking Lot

Our parkig lot is unique and takes patience to navigate during arrivals and dismissals. Please review the diagram to becaome familiar with our lot and always abide by the rules for safety!



Our non-profit organization is actively trying to create solutions.

It is our hope to continuously improve our facility and what is available to your children inside and outside of the classrooms as well as provide all the special assemblies that have become Creative Play's traditions.

At Creative Play we offer a competitively low tuition in order to best serve our community members.   When our enrollment fluctuates, so does our ability to fund our programs.

We offer a variety of paths to help fund-raise for our school.  Below you will find a few of those connections.

 We strive to maintain quality in every aspect of our school.  With your assistance from your contributions we will be able to achieve our goals.


Support Our School!

PayPal Donation

Help Fund Our Programs

Charleston Wrap

Use Organization ID 11665

Thank you for your donation and your community support!

Children's constructors on black. Multi-

Mindfulness In The Classroom

Coming This Fall to Creative Play

A new Harvard Study reveals that mindfulness education in the classroom can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track academically and avoid behavior problems.

-Center for Education Policy Research Harvard University


Additional Information

In addition to strengthening socialization skills-how to compromise, be respectful of others and problem-solve -- preschool provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with her peers and build confidence.

Play With A Purpose

What is play?

Children get involved in many different kinds of play in preschool.  As they move from one activity center to another, they adjust the level of interaction with others, assume roles, negotiate problems and reflect preferences.

  • light, brisk, or changing movement (e.g., to pretend you're a butterfly)

  • to act or imitate the part of a person or character (e.g., to play house)

  • to employ a piece of equipment (e.g., to build with blocks)

  • exercise or activity for amusement or recreation (e.g. to play tag)

  • the action of a game (e.g., to play duck-duck-goose)

First Aid and CPR Certified

Good Shepherd Creative Play Staff

The entire staff of Creative Play is First Aid/CPR/AED certified in Child, Infant and Adult health & safety.  The staff is required to maintain their certifications and participate in classes every two years.

Allergy Awareness

Peanut and Tree Nut Aware

The school policy is not to allow any products with peanut or tree nuts to be served by our school.  We understand there may be cross contamination through-out the building since we share the facilities with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Although we cannot provide an allergen-free environment due to the risk of accidental exposure (allergens may be present whether in food other students bring from home or food packaged in factories) we will remain as diligent as possible when keeping our student with allergies safe.  Protecting a student from exposure to offending allergens is the most important way to prevent life-threatening anaphylaxis.


Our Mission

Good Shepherd Creative Play is an outreach program of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  We are a non-profit, non-denominational cooperative preschool.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national & ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and other school administration programs.

50th Anniversary Photo 816.JPG



My oldest daughter went through 3 years at Good Shepherd and is thriving in elementary school thanks to the preparation she received here. Good Shepherd never loses sight of what matters most in a pre-school. (socialization, following direction and learning age appropriate academic fundamentals) The staff is phenomenal-and they all work tirelessly to insure a safe, fun and educational program! I recommend them to all my friends and family!

Tina Albin

All four of my children had their wonderful first school experience there. The teachers, staff & administrators were fantastic and you felt like family. My kids were all extremely prepared for kindergarten & still talk about their fond memories there. I'm always recommending Creative Play to everyone with youngsters even to this day! xoxox

Lily Corelli

Good Shepherd Creative Play has afforded the ultimate preschool experience for my four children. Each child is different and each experience unique to that child. What remains consistent at Good Shepherd is the overall goal to have a child learn and grow as an individual. If it is your first child, the fear of letting go is quickly replaced, thanks to the entire staff, by the anticipation of what each new day will bring.

When you walk in the doors, you are greeted with a smile from the office staff, which is ever present for the children and parents alike. The teaching staff is dedicated to providing a wholesome environment while educating the children, age appropriately. If it is you last child, returning to the school is like visiting an old friend over a fresh pot of coffee, while wearing your favorite outfit.

When your days at Good Shepherd come to an end, your child will be well prepared for kindergarten and you will feel abundantly blessed by the experience you received as a parent who wants the best for their children.

Gina, Mom of 4, Pearl River

A school in touch with the needs of the community.  When I needed help Good Shepherd lend a helping hand. A school with a heart and a strong belief in God. Thank you very much to the staff. I will never forget your kindness.

Girlie-Kenneth Masaganda


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